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In Memory of Gholja Genocide

On 5 February 1997 smote the Chinese regime down community demonstrators who were against Chinese repression in the city Ghulja Eastren Turkistan,More than 3000 demonstrators were killed in accordance with Community sources. The  Uyghur Education Association organized a demonstration on 5 February in front of the Chinese embassy in Stockholm in order to memory the Gholja Genocide .   5- ... Read More »

Demonstration Marks 62nd Anniversary of Chinese Communist Rule

Oct.1,2011 Stockholm October first is the day that Chinese celebrate the founding of People’s Republic of China, but not for Souther Mongolians,Uyghurs and Tibetans.   Dozens of Mongolians and Uyghurs gathered in front of the Chinese embassy in Stockholm, Sweden to mark the 62nd anniversary of Chinese Communist rule over their homelands.  During the protest, people waved their national flags and ... Read More »