“stop killing Uyghur refugees”

Demonstration on Jul 9th, 2015: Thailand “stop killing Uyghur refugees” –Royal Thailand, stop the collaboration with the Chinese occupation!

Jul 9, 20151

Call for Action at the Royal Thailand embassy in Stockholm on 2015-07-09, 15:00pm

 Royal Thailand government Collaborates with the Chinese occupation Dictatorship to enable china to kill and torture of Uyghur refugees who fled repression and turmoil in their native country East Turkistan (Xinxiang).

Authorities in Royal Thailand have handed Over 90 uyghur refuges to Chinese occupation on

Wednesday night and shot dead 2 asylum seeker Uyghurs who refused forced to return home.

For this reason, the Uyghur educational association in Sweden arranged a demonstration today in front of Royal Thailand embassy in Stockholm to ask Thai government and people to stop the killing Uyghur refugees.tayse6tayse7