Announcement: Demonstrations to be held at Chinese Embassy in Stockholm

thumbChinese occupation in East Turkistan (Xinxiang) is one of the great tragedies in history. The communist government is trying to completely erase the East Turkistan culture.

The Muslims of Turkistan (Xinxiang) can only practice their religion under extensive government watch and thousands of Mosque have been destroyed. Over 1.5 million East turkistani have been killed and thousands imprisoned for voicing their religious beliefs and rights. East turkistani women are always forced to have abortions and become sterilized. China destroying not only Uyghur Muslim Identity but they destroying also environment through Nuclear weapons testing. This problem has not been dealt with for nearly 66 years. The United Nations has failed to punish China for any of its human rights abuses. Major corporations from around the world continue to do business with China.

This year, China celebrated 70th anniversary of victory over Japan with massive parade, but china forget the Chinese occupation in East Turkistan and they are going to celebrate national day on 1th October 2015, for this reason we are going to arrange a demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy on Saturday 3th October 2015 in Stockholm Sweden in order that china fully apologise for their aggression in East Turkistan and respect the self-determination right of East Turkistani people.

Beginning   : 2015-10-03 on Saturday   at 14:00.

Ending:  16:00

Contact:    0762038446

Uyghur Educational Association