Uyghur protest outside Chinese embassy on Occupied East Turkistan Day


Uyghur protest outside Chinese embassy on Occupied East Turkistan Day


Uyghur educational association on Sunday at about 13:30 staged a protest outside the Chinese embassy in Stockholm on chinese invasion of East Turkistan.

Holding East Turkistans flags and praying carpet, posters and banners with “The World says No to chinese occupation! Freedom of religion!” written on them, the protesters gathered outside the embassy.The Chinese occupation regime celebrate their Independence Day on the 1st of October every year, marking the foundation of the People’s Republic of China by occupying East Turkistan and Tibet.

Uygur people see this day(1st October)as the beginning of the chinese occupation of East Turkistan.On this occasion Uygur people organize a peaceful demonstration each year and around the World.It was said that Chinese occupation authorities are ordering Muslims in East Turkistan to hand over their prayer mats and copies of the Quran or else face punishment, it has been reported.Officials in Xinjiang province have warned members of the Uyghur ethnic minority they must surrender religious items on pain of “harsh punishments”, according to an exile leader.“We received a notification saying that every single ethnic Uyghur must hand in any Islam-related items from their own home, including Qurans, prayers and anything else bearing the symbols of religion,” Dilxat Raxit, of the exile World Uyghur Congress, told Radio Free Asia (RFA), which is operated by the US government.But China denies confiscating copies of Quran in Eas Turkistan (Xinjiang).