Do Uyghurs need a new Raoul Wallenberg?

Do Uyghurs need a new Raoul Wallenberg?
A whole crowd of people are slowly walking down the streets with their scared faces pointed to the floor. Tears falling down their chins. Hopelessness in their hearts. Supervised by the nazi soldiers. The only thing that breaks the painful silence is the sound of chains and the scream of the soldiers that breaks out once in a while.

The soldiers are pressing the whole crowd in the dark trains that will take them to the dystopian world that will sadly but supposedly be the ending of their lives. Sweaty and tired are they while they almost sit on each others lap in the narrow train. Shoulders touching shoulders, feet touching feet. Sitting so close to each other that they can feel each others breaths on their faces. Even though this may sound uncomfortable, is this moment being appreciated by them, since they have a sorrow feeling that this might be the last time they can spend some time together even if it is not a time of joy it is indeed a time of community.
Arrived at their final destination. The concentration camp. Now it is time for the husbands to get separated from their wives, mothers from children and children from fathers. Everyone is divided into different directions, but heading to the same destination- Death. All this, just because these poor people happened to have their own belief and because of this belief they are now forced to wear the Star of David on their arms.
However amongst this many unfortunate people, there was some lucky ones. The ones who got to meet the very acclaimed Roul Wallenberg, who helped many jews to escape from the genocide to a swedish territory and made sure they had shelter.
Anyhow, unfortunately it costs to be a hero. Wallenberg disappeared on the 17th january 1945 after Soviet authorities took him to jail. This genocide attempt took place during the second world war, and it left deep scars on many people and many places. We hoped that the world had learned something from this tragedy. However it seems like we cannot say that we have yet. A genocide like this, if not bigger, is happening today.
Eas Turkistan, also known as Xinjiang has been occupied by China many years ago and is now under oppression, worse than ever before. The majority of the uyghurs living in this area are muslims and they are being prevented from practicing their religion in various harsh and
oppressing ways.
During the holy month of ramadan they do not get to fast. The one that fasts will face serious painful punishment. It is not permissible to have the holy book, Quran in their homes.Wearing the scarf is also illegal. It has been like this for the past few years. However it has been possible to come in and out from the country. So the ones that were fortunate enough, took the chance to flee before the situation got worse.
Now fathers and sons are being taken to jail. young girls are being forced to marry chinese men, against their will, children are being taken to chinese orphanage even though they still have their parents alive. Also there are now many, so called, re-education camps that people are being forced to go to, without trials or legal procedures.
In these camps, the day starts around 5 am, with a tiny breakfast where they only get to eat a little piece of cooked dough. After that it is time to gather eevryone and force them to sing different chinese patriotical songs and repeat various sentences that goes agains islam, such as “I do not believe in God” or “God does not exist”.
This is a form of torture that is far more worse than being hit or being left hungry. Because torture that affects the fysical body in a bad way, fades away by time. However the kind of torture that makes a bad effect in a psycological way, stays far longer than we can imagine. Being forced to “love” the oppressor and “hate” the sustainer and the one, one actually loves is a form of psycological torture.
All this is bad and heartbreaking, however what is even worse is that nobody seems to care or pay attention to this current genocide. Why is that? All the human rights that everyone makes such a big fuss of, do they not apply uyghurs? Or are the world too busy earning money by selling uyghurs to the chinese government, like Thailand did year 2016 and Egypt year 2017. Which country is next? Are we really THAT cheap in the eyes of these people? Do we really need to wait for another Roul Wallenberg to appear and sacrifice his life for us? Or are we waiting for another succeded genocide, so we can spend the rest of our lives with even more guilt in our hearts. Guilt, built upon blindness. And guilt, built upon the long mode of silence.
Author: Hadiche Ahmet