The knock

The knock

One knock. It does not take more or less than one knock on the door, to make a woman’s heart drop to the floor. Knowing that, that knock means that it’s their turn to burn. Maybe not physically, but surely emotionally.

Sitting quietly while holding their babies really tightly. Making sure they don’t make a sound because the desperation really is profound. Desperately trying to escape from the cops, that are there to make sure that their lives stops. How? Well, let me tell you that, my dear. How would you actually feel? How would you feel if your beloved husband was taken away from you, put in a prison where there is no sunlight coming through? Not knowing if he’s well or not, or if he long ago already died from a gunshot.

There you sit in your cold little home. Your little baby is now not so little anymore. The time goes slower than ever before. Your hear a sound that is nothing but familiar. The time goes now even slower. So slowly that it almost stops. And again your heart really drops. That knock you just heard, made your vision go blurred. They are now back again. All these cowardly men. Coming in a bunch, when they know one woman won’t give them even a punch. You wonder what they will take from you this time? They always jump on the ones who haven’t committed a crime.

You sit there trembling and scared. And suddenly, in front of you, the policemen appeared. All armed and ready. To once again make your life a misery.

One of them takes a step towards you, and grabs your child away as he was told to. your child cries and screams. You are being separated from the one that is carrying your beloved genes. Give him back to me! you shout. However they surely won’t without a doubt.

In a second, your son is out of sight. However, many of the men are still inside. What do you want from me more? I don’t have anything left anymore.

But then you understand. Now they don’t want to take no more, rather they are here to spread salt over your sore. They took your husband and your son. Now they want to replace them with one of their own. I won’t marry none of you, you scream, and wish this is all just a dream. Then they bring out a picture of your mom and dad. Sitting on two electric chairs and looking really sad. Their black and beautiful hair is now all white and grey. But they won’t have any hair left at all, if you don’t obey. Their small and weak hands and feet are chained, and it looks like the pain is sustained. You can’t keep back your tears and your self-control slowly disappears. If you don’t want your parents to die, why don’t you just give it a try? one of them said. You realize now, you don’t have much to choose between, so with tears in your eyes, you get up and say “I’ll do it for the sake of my king and my queen”. Thi is just a bit of what the uyghur women have to to through. This is just an overview. How is this life compared to yours? And believe me their lives can be even worse.

Everyone in the west are talking about feminism. Yet, it seems like the the pay gap is the only criticism. Should it really be that women should be left all alone? Or be forced to marry someone unknown?

The uyghur women need your help! Can’t you really hear their yelp? China won’t do nothing to change, They will only continue to enrage. We have to hold them accountable for their actions! Against the oppression, there has to be some kind of reaction!

Author: Hadiche Ahmet