Response to the statement of Chinese embassy in Sweden

A0BCBE75-C70D-428E-B319-9CD3CCD082B0Response to the statement of Chinese embassy in Sweden

  We have noticed that recently Chinese embassy in Sweden made some preposterous statements on  its website to smear and attack Sayragul Sauytbay’s measures to fight against  China’s inhuman and barbaric crackdown on people of East Turkistan where China’s officially set up concentration camps. These camps are reportedly operated outside of the legal system.

Uyghur Educational Association firmly oppose  statements of Chinese embassy in Sweden.

Sayragul Sauytbay forcefully worked as language teacher in a concentration camp. She is one of the three million victims of Chinese concentration camps that have taken away their freedom and legal rights outside the court, which is not in accordance international rights standards. The Chinese embassy in Stockholm unfortunately attempted to silence Sayragul Sauytbay by undermining the Swedish media and disinforming the swedish people as well as limit the democratic freedom in Swedish society without respecting the values and law ​​in Sweden, which guarantees freedom of expression and the independence of the media.

In 2018, Sayragul Sauytbay fled from Chinese communist regime and  crossed the border from East Turkistan (Aka Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region) to Kazakhstan in difficult circumstances and she was not allowed to inform about the dark truth  inside of  Chinese concentration camps to the international media and organizations.  Chinese government persistently endeavoured to press Kazakhstan government  not to give her opportunities to speak out and accused her of a fabricated charge (enter the border without travel permit ). June 2019 Sayragul and her family legally come to Sweden and living here now. It is really repugnant of Chinese embassy  to fabricate numerous lies to her in order to  hide the regime’s crimes against humanity.

In the statement Chinese embassy in Sweden claimed that  East Turkistan( Xinjiang) was  inalienable part  of China since ancient times.  In response to the claim we just would like shed light upon an record of  historical meeting and conversation of I.V. Stalin with a delegation of CCP CC about a credit from USSR to China. In which a occupation of East Turkistan was discussed and a plan was made.  Without doubt East Turkistan is obviously a occupied territory and has historically been a free kingdom and an independent state. Therefore the claim of Chinese embassy barely means that an attempt of hiding the history of occupation of East Turkistan  and   justification of a occupied territory.

Therefore We call on China to immediately  end its crime against humanity and close the concentration camps in East Turkistan and urge Chinese embassy in Sweden to follow  the law of Sweden and respect the freedom of expression and  not least do not interfere internal affair of Sweden.

Uyghur Educational Association