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The knock

4 uyghurgha hokum

The knock One knock. It does not take more or less than one knock on the door, to make a woman’s heart drop to the floor. Knowing that, that knock Read More »

Do Uyghurs need a new Raoul Wallenberg?


Do Uyghurs need a new Raoul Wallenberg? A whole crowd of people are slowly walking down the streets with their scared faces pointed to the floor. Tears falling down their chins. Hopelessness in their hearts. Supervised by the nazi soldiers. The only thing that breaks the painful silence is the sound of chains and the scream of the soldiers that ... Read More »

Pressuring the Families of Uyghur Refugees


Uyghur demonstrators stage a protest rally against China in Stockholm, July 9, 2009.   Chinese authorities are confiscating the passports of parents whose children seek asylum in Europe. Read More »

Striker’s Health at Risk

kerem abduwelh

Photo courtesy of the Abduweli family. Kerem Abduweli as a young man in an undated photo. Family members of an imprisoned Uyghur who fasted in protest say his life is in danger.The family of a prominent Uyghur Read More »

Muslims are banned from fasting during Ramadan in China


Muslims are banned from fasting during Ramadan in China By Al Arabiya Chinese Muslim officials as well as students under the age of 18 are not allowed to fast during Ramadan. (Reuters) Read More »

East Turkestan meets Tiananmen

Well wearing an East Turkistan (Uyghur Xinjiang) beanie in Tiananmen Square is a sure way to get noticed, if not arrested. I don’t know whether the girl is an Uyghur or perhaps just unaware of the significance of the blue, crescent moon and star image. Read More »