Human Rights

One Solution For East Turkestan


By Harun Yahya East Turkestan was abandoned to Chinese rule in 1949 with the military support of Stalin’s Russia, though it did briefly gain its independence in 1933. Since the foundation of the present-day People’s Republic of China, the number of East Turkestanis who were killed, especially after 1965 or lost their lives due to starvation, famine, unfavorable living conditions, ... Read More »

“stop killing Uyghur refugees”


Demonstration on Jul 9th, 2015: Thailand “stop killing Uyghur refugees” –Royal Thailand, stop the collaboration with the Chinese occupation! Jul 9, 2015 Call for Action at the Royal Thailand embassy in Stockholm on 2015-07-09, 15:00pm  Royal Thailand government Collaborates with the Chinese occupation Dictatorship to enable china to kill and torture of Uyghur refugees who fled repression and turmoil in their ... Read More »

Today juli 5th, remembering the Urumqi Genocide


Abdullah kokyar,s Speeches بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. My Brothers and sisters! I don’t have enough words to express my appreciation to all our friends, who have come from near and far to be with us, on a day as important as this.On behalf of the Uyghur Educational Assocciation I ... Read More »

Uyghur educational association in Sweden Asked Thai Government Not to Return Suspected Uyghur Refugees to China.


Uyghur educational association in Sweden Asked Thai Government Not to Return Suspected Uyghur Refugees to China. About 30 Uyghur demonstrated peacefully in front of the Thailand Embassy in Stockholm today, the demonstration started at 13:35am and ended at 14.30am, led by Uyghur educational association’s general secretary Abdul ahad. They chanted messages calling for human rights and not to return Suspected ... Read More »

Pressuring the Families of Uyghur Refugees


Uyghur demonstrators stage a protest rally against China in Stockholm, July 9, 2009.   Chinese authorities are confiscating the passports of parents whose children seek asylum in Europe. Read More »

Striker’s Health at Risk

kerem abduwelh

Photo courtesy of the Abduweli family. Kerem Abduweli as a young man in an undated photo. Family members of an imprisoned Uyghur who fasted in protest say his life is in danger.The family of a prominent Uyghur Read More »

Uyghur Educational Assocciation arranged a demonstration in sweden


Premier Wen Jiabao stopped in Sweden as part of his four-nation European tour to sign business and trade deals. Repeatedly throughout his tour, Wen was greeted by protesters including Uyghur Educational Assocciation  .Wen was accompanied during his three-day visit to Sweden by ten ministers and several Chinese business leders. On 25 April Uyghur refugers and uyghur supporters  arranged a demonstration in sweden  both ... Read More »

Demonstration Marks 62nd Anniversary of Chinese Communist Rule

Oct.1,2011 Stockholm October first is the day that Chinese celebrate the founding of People’s Republic of China, but not for Souther Mongolians,Uyghurs and Tibetans.   Dozens of Mongolians and Uyghurs gathered in front of the Chinese embassy in Stockholm, Sweden to mark the 62nd anniversary of Chinese Communist rule over their homelands.  During the protest, people waved their national flags and ... Read More »

Sweden Deports Uyghurs to China

2012-01-06 Uyghurs seeking exile in Europe come under increasing pressure from governments. AFP Uyghur demonstrators stage a protest rally against China in Stockholm, July 9, 2009. Authorities in Sweden have deported two Muslim ethnic minority Uyghurs to China after their request for political asylum was refused, sparking fears among other Uyghur asylum-seekers that they will also be sent home where ... Read More »

A country without law

Abdukiram Abduveli, an Uighur religious scholar from Kuchar (Kuche in Chinese) county in Xinjiang autonomous region of People’s Republic of China, aged 56 in 2010. He was arrested on 16 November, 1990 and sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment and four years’ deprivation of political rights in May 1993 on “counter-revolutionary” charges. At his trial, Abduveli was found guilty on two ... Read More »