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The knock

The knock One knock. It does not take more or less than one knock on the door, to make a woman’s heart drop to the floor. Knowing that, that knock Read More »

Do Uyghurs need a new Raoul Wallenberg?

Do Uyghurs need a new Raoul Wallenberg? A whole crowd of people are slowly walking down the streets with their scared faces pointed to the floor. Tears falling down their chins. Hopelessness in their hearts. Supervised by the nazi soldiers. The only thing that breaks the painful silence is the sound of chains and the scream of the soldiers that ... Read More »

Thousands March in Brussels to Protest Mass Detentions of Uyghurs

Nearly 2,000 ethnic Uyghurs living in exile from their homeland in China marched on Friday in Brussels, political seat of the European Union, to call attention to the plight of hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs held by Beijing in political re-education camps in northwest China’s Xinjiang region. Protesters came from across Europe, Australia, Japan, and Turkey, while other protests were ... Read More »

World Uyghur Congress Stockholm Youth Advocacy Training Seminar Concludes

  The World Uyghur Congress held a successful Uyghur youth advocacy training workshop in Stockholm, Sweden over the weekend, which brought together many interested Uyghur participants eager to speak and eager to learn about how they may contribute to the Uyghur cause. The workshop began with an opening ceremony allowing WUC president, Rebiya Kadeer, to speak to the participants and ... Read More »

Uyghur protest outside Chinese embassy on Occupied East Turkistan Day

  Uyghur protest outside Chinese embassy on Occupied East Turkistan Day   Uyghur educational association on Sunday at about 13:30 staged a protest outside the Chinese embassy in Stockholm on chinese invasion of East Turkistan. Holding East Turkistans flags and praying carpet, posters and banners with “The World says No to chinese occupation! Freedom of religion!” written on them, the ... Read More »

China Cuts Mobile Service of Xinjiang Residents Evading Internet Filters

HONG KONG — The Chinese government is shutting down the mobile service of residents in Xinjiang who use software that lets them circumvent Internet filters, escalating an already aggressive electronic surveillance strategy in the country’s fractious western territory. Starting last week, shortly after terrorist attacks in Paris, the local police began cutting the service of people who had downloaded foreign messaging ... Read More »

chinese occupation Kill 17 Suspects in Xinjiang Attack, Including Seven Women and Children Authorities in northwest China’s troubled Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region East Turkestan  have killed 17 suspects from three families, including women and children, they accused of carrying out an attack that left 50 people dead and injured 50 others at a coal mine, according to the government and local sources. “All terrorists were killed on the 56th day of a ... Read More »

2015 Lantos Prize Laureates Announced

The Lantos Foundation, 29 October 2015 Lantos Foundation – The Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice announced today that it will award the 2015 Lantos Human Rights Prize to three courageous female leaders; Rebiya Kadeer, Irshad Manji, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. These three laureates are fearless leaders, reformers and rebels who have been willing to defy social and cultural norms to ... Read More »

Announcement: Demonstrations to be held at Chinese Embassy in Stockholm

Chinese occupation in East Turkistan (Xinxiang) is one of the great tragedies in history. The communist government is trying to completely erase the East Turkistan culture. The Muslims of Turkistan (Xinxiang) can only practice their religion under extensive government watch and thousands of Mosque have been destroyed. Over 1.5 million East turkistani have been killed and thousands imprisoned for voicing their religious beliefs ... Read More »